Monday, November 15, 2010

No pictures...Please!

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An article from the Huff today....

A Cop's Advice on Dealing with Cops (Slideshow)
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"Obey the Law wearing kid gloves! We'll teach you how in ten easy (submissive) steps".
OH make sure you click the link to the video that IS for sale...fucking SPAM !
DOCUdrama to make the legendary HBO venturing lawyer even richer selling bulk discounted stacks of "How we must learn to keep police officers at bay"?
With smart phone tech, people are on you'd think this kind of corruption like the Papparazi is on Lindsay Lohan.
If you go to the HuFF article linked above and read the over 1000 comments you will find people speaking out on how they had been abused by the law.
My main concern was the it was linked to a price list of video options. I found a free copy and you can find it on my next post.
My stand at this point is give in to the bully cop and let them search you. Then you won't go to jail or get held for a duration.
Once incarcerated you stand the chance of losing your job and your kids as you wait for a Lawyer to get you out. Your stand for freedom ends up being your demise.
Yet this is a highly questionable topic...


  1. Once you have seen the slide show come here and comment, please! I have some words for the slide show and the video...but I will save it for discussion. I am curious to see if I am alone in my feelings...

  2. It's important for citizens to know their rights. However, on the rest, there are no easy answers.

  3. Cops use all sorts of tactics. You have to be wise to them.

    My co-worker has told me on more than one occasion that cops would tail him hoping he would do something wrong so they could pull him over. He also told me about a new tactic: state police will be in the fast lane and if you're doing the same speed as the cop, another cop will get onto the highway, get behind you and pull you over.

    Another co-worker told me that one day he was stuck in traffic and a cop was behind him and ran his plates just for kicks.

  4. Amazing to go back and read my posts...I really believe this shit. In a time when executive orders are at a max and conspiracy theory and evidences are out showing us the fake in the real or what?