Monday, January 17, 2011

Two Days

In the U.S. it is Martin Luther King Jr. day. In the World it is World Religion Day.
(although Martin Luther King, Jr. and his works and words are recognized worldwide).

Religion operates not only on the vertical plane but also on the horizontal. It seeks not only to integrate men with God but to integrate men with men and each man with himself.

~Martin Luther King, Jr.~

The Hand Of My God by ~MadelineWoe on deviantART

Lilliputian-Statement by ~MadelineWoe on deviantART

Monday, January 10, 2011


Cross hair sounds so anatomical. Like pubic hair. Please make note and be politically correct and call me a target. My usage is monitored by the Internet Police and Homeland Security. Caution to any website with my imagery. I am worse than Porn and Hentai put together! I am also a blemish to Aristocratic wanna be Redneck females with visions of political grandeur.

What is De Niro doing with those fingers? It looks pretty threatening. Possibly we should consider limitations on aggresive gestures! Who is he looking at? Who is he watching? Is he watching for some illegal opportunity to be the bad guy?
What other meaningless thing shall we ponder in DC to further us from our American freedom and make a mockery of what we are?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Losing Job or Making a Statement?

One would hope that to be ranked second in command of a nuclear vessel...intelligence would be required. As a patriotic romantic idealist, I would hope this was a political statement. I have to realize because it was a series involved in 'on deck' movie night, that this was just their idea of fun and funny.

Is there even a question here?

In the shadow of gay acceptance into the military...the humor parodizes with homo innuendo and there is offense and the XO gets fired! [see another video and more on this link here]