Sunday, May 15, 2011

Profitting the Cure!

Headlines when Lindsay Lohan or Charlie Sheen make a move, but when Canadians claim to have a cure for is read in a mini paper. And somehow recently recirculated via the Hub Page feed?

Here at QL..I researched if there is any recent news besides the discovery of the Canadian research from 2007...

Why yes...there is!  First you need to watch the intitial video on the discovery announced by Dr. Michelakis and link to his paper [here]

Another thing we all know that drugs and these are the LEGAL ones are far more expensive than a street habit. I know a poor elderly lady working as a bartender/casino host in Montana who has to have someone smuggle in from Mexico her Advair for her respiratory condition, because it is 300 bucks a month for just that drug. Apparently there is an underground pharmaceutical exchange going on border to border. [here] is a link to all that. It is really fucked up. Golden years turned into a desperate attempt to be able to afford your illness. And with the boomers being the "golden" market of the medical profession. Studies have been made on how careers based in medicine will boom with the aging boomers.

Shit...anyone could buy a whole lotta weed and be stoned all month on that much money! Isn't that a fucked up irony?

 "6 Common  Diseases with Expensive Medications" [link here]
Most of the funds raised by the ACS have gone and still go to pay overhead, salaries, fringe benefits, and travel expenses of its national executives in Atlanta. They also go to pay chief executive officers, who earn six-figure salaries in several states, and the hundreds of other employees who work out of some 3,000 regional offices nationwide

Study on the American Cancer Society and the corruption of your donations [link here]
What a group of assholes! Donate your money directly to the studies you want to support. Leave the greedy middle man out of it.

Oh so back to the topic...

Dichloroacetate or DCA as a cure to cancer: It is called a "nonprorietary" drug, because it is common and no company can claim it as a patent and profit from it. There lies the problem. Companies will not fund something they cannot profit from. Even when mankind can profit from the loss of a devastating disease... It comes down to the dollars!

If you follow the link to "The DCA Site". YET THIS SITE HAS CONTROVERSY TO IT'S AGENDA.
A Cancer Quackery Watch [link] tells you the why the DCA site exists and to beware of the owner trying to sell you online cure with DCA in it yet when I went to the link it was not there. Same with the pest control business that the quackery claims the owner of the DCA site has.

The bottom line is this folks:
"Michelakis told an Edmonton newspaper that he is distressed that people with cancer are self-medicating with a drug that could be harmful to them."
After looking around for the news on Cancer cures, I have determined that claims are almost as frustrating as the current political scene! There are a lot of claims and homeopathic sites that either are there to help or exploit your sorrow.

My conclusion for DCA is to wait it out and hope that it leads to less sorrow over the diagnosis of CANCER.

It is sort of like when Bones discovered that the Sun's light would cure the parasite attached to Spock's back in the Star Trek episode "Operation Annihilate". He doses Spock with the full spectrum and as a result, Spock is blinded. Under further research, it was a lower non blinding dose of light.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1 Terrorist Ended

I vas vatching the Royal Wedding at my secret hideout, when Navy Seals come swooping down on me and Now I am with Allah! WTF! Infidel Television is sinful and deadly!
~Osama Bin Ladin 

You see Hollywood knows there is something about sitcoms and to Bin Ladin, the Royal Wedding must of been the ultimate sitcom must see.  Probably joking on how the Infidel give too much rights to their women and how can a country have a woman as their figure head.

Now if we could just meet up with Muslims and make some ground on getting along. Tell him I won't kill your babies and you won't kill ours and we can go to church/mosque every Sunday showing them off.

Work on getting our economies able to support. Create industry in the resource rich lands of Afghanistan...because their metal resources on the Global scene could do them and the world some good.