Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1 Terrorist Ended

I vas vatching the Royal Wedding at my secret hideout, when Navy Seals come swooping down on me and Now I am with Allah! WTF! Infidel Television is sinful and deadly!
~Osama Bin Ladin 

You see Hollywood knows there is something about sitcoms and to Bin Ladin, the Royal Wedding must of been the ultimate sitcom must see.  Probably joking on how the Infidel give too much rights to their women and how can a country have a woman as their figure head.

Now if we could just meet up with Muslims and make some ground on getting along. Tell him I won't kill your babies and you won't kill ours and we can go to church/mosque every Sunday showing them off.

Work on getting our economies able to support. Create industry in the resource rich lands of Afghanistan...because their metal resources on the Global scene could do them and the world some good.

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