Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Civilized" touch of death...

My first thought is no bug bites.

"Many Yanomami are dying and need help," said Haverkamp, a German who runs the organization Yanomami-Hilfe and has worked among the Yanomami for two decades in Venezuela and Brazil." [see more at source]

[see Survival International on Yanomami here]

To see a sight that would make Margaret Mead roll over in her grave [go here]


  1. Other natives use mud to stop them from getting bit by bugs. But still, what's happening with the 'gold rush' is just... wrong... What's worse is, businesses won't see it that way, and most likely, those people that live within that land will most likely be wiped out, just for complaining. Mankind is a cruel animal.

  2. We are fortunate to have color documentation. As many indigenous tribes became assimilated early in history. Only donning garments from their heritage in celebratory events.

  3. Mud and lack of the toxins we put in our processed lives may be why the Yanomami are so clear skinned.
    Here is a link to Medicinal plants of the Amazon
    Has anyone heard of ECOTOURISM?